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Why is it important to validate business ideas with Minimal Viable Products (MVP)

4 reasons, why should never build the whole product in one go

In 2006 I started the development of a Unified Messaging Server as a side project; with the server, you were able to send out messages via E-Mail, SMS, Letters, Fax and other channels. The software was quite flexible by using a plugin concept for the different channels. My goal was to sell the software to companies. It was a great project as it ... Read more

Wie du es mit Proxys vermeidest beim Scrapen geblockt zu werden

Verschiedene Ansätze, die dir mit wenigen Änderungen im Code helfen

Die letzten Stunden hatte ich einen Scraper geschrieben, um die Produkte eines großen Internetmarktplatzes für eine Nischenanalyse zu ziehen. Der Scraper erforderte einigen Aufwand, weil die Website JavaScript für das Rendering verwendet, d.h. viel Code wird erst im Browser ausgeführt. Dies muss erhöht den Aufwand beim Scraping. Die Verwendung v... Read more

How You Avoid Being Blocked While Scraping Websites with Proxies

Different approaches that help you with few changes in code

The last hours I had written a scraper to pull the products of an internet marketplace for a niche analysis. The scraper required some effort because the website uses JavaScript for rendering, so a lot of code is executed in the browser. This circumstance increases the effort needed for scraping a website. The use of Selenium with a headless chr... Read more

qraptor Technology Stack Part Two: Applications in September 2019

The application we use for our reinforcement trading platform

In Part One: Architecture and Programming Languages we showed you that we using several programming languages to get things done. Today we want to go more into details what applications/micro services for our reinforcement trading platform. It’s devided into several parts. First, we show you the shared technical services we use and second all t... Read more

What are some steps to make an idea into a product?

First and foremost: Do not fall into the trap of doing product development for months for a product nobody wants. Know your customers and know where they are hanging around from day 1. Follow these steps: 1. Answer the question: Who are your customers, and where are they? You need to identify your marketing channels for your idea. Before st... Read more